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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 13, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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shoe when you try to pull it out. imagine that, two or three feet deep. >> water cut a gulch about 300 feet long,. a section of pipe 25 feet across, fell away with a shear break. the water department thinks the hillside will hold for now.. >> this is going out to look at the stability of the hillside behind 12 homes evacuated until this morning. >> the sandy mud cut a swath of misery. swapping what was a grassy field and trapping parked cars in its grip. nick tried to drive through an intersection to go to work just after 5:00 this morning. thinking it's just water. he got stuck, left his car in the middle of the intersection, and struggled home through mud, two feet deep. >> was there difficulty in
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walking through the mud? >> oh. yes. this first was stuck here, it's hard to full off your feet. >> scary? >> yes. yes. two feet. >> his bosz -- boss was not sympathetic. >> my boss don't understand me. and it was -- what kind of mud? is this no rain. >> man yule watched as his wife got stuck in the muck. he missed a important training day. >> i want to call insurance, maybe for the damage. i think they're going to cover it. it's full courage. >> it's all hands on deck here. workers just using this all day long to clean up streets. and they have actually managed to get it cleaned up by this
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hour. here is an example of what the owners are dealing with. they're not sure if it's from the mud, but you can see it's not just mud or muddy water coming from under this car. we're talking about debris, twigs, rocks and goodness knows what else. so again, this city is meeting this afternoon to determine what taz to be done to make it safe in the event of rain coming. they also have to decide how to deal with this park that is buried under three or four feet of mud. >> thank you. we have more coming up on this water pipe break. at 4:30 abc 7 news will talk to the water department about aging pipes. >> then at 5:00 michael finney
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looks into the car insurance you need to be covered from a muddy mess like this one. >> happening now, walnut creek police just released surveillance photos from a kidnapping and robbery. >> two men want forward abducting a woman november 7th. this shows one of the men, they're both described white males in their 20s using names aubrey and david. police believe they drove a pickup truck with a loud muffler. police believe they drove her car to several atms, force herg to withdraw mbful they dropped her off, still tide up. police say she's recovered from most injuris.. >> take a look at these pictures. three men wanted for this holdup. investigators say robbers restrained employees in the jerrytown mall. the criminals emptied jewel skpri ran off, nobody was hurt.
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>> police in oakland reviewing surveillance video of a theft there that happened around 11::30 last night. police say someone broke a door, then took off with precious metals. the museum security system was on at the time of the heist. >> the defendant guilty of the crime of a felony. >> the man who terrorized the mission district last year was convicted today. there is no reaction as the clerk read 25 charges.. >> to someone that does not belong in the street, this is someone that does not belong in our community. frankly, he is an animal. >> the jury found dozer not guilty of a count of attempted murder for choking his second victim. all three women testified during the trial.
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dosher will be jentsed next month. >> the story surrounding john mcafee the founder of the antivirus software is getting more bizarre by the hour. >> now, police in belize are searching for former silicon valley entrepreneur john mcafee who is a person of interest in the death of his neighbor on the island. the antivirus creator has been communicating about live on the run. these photos are for an upcoming wired article. the reporter is tweeting what mcafee is telling him that a slept on a mattress full of lice. wired shared with abc news a phone reporting of mcafee. >> i was lying in the bottom, to do whatever it takes to stay alive. >> police began looking for the 67-year-old mcafee after his neighbor was shot to
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death. the body was found on sunday. people who know mcafee say he's becoming erratic and paranoid and had an ongoing dispute with the neighbor. mcafee has not been associated with the company that bears his name since early 1990s and moved to belize in 2008. >> the nine day strike against railly's store chain is over and details are not being released yet. the union says it preserves ben fis for family members and the union is calling this a major victory no. word on other key issue. the companies demand for a wage freeze. union leaders say they expect rank and file to vote on the pact within two weeks.. >> governor brown says he's pleased california state university trustees postponed tuition increases. the plan had to raise fees on
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certain sources. with afternoon in a growing scandal starting with former cia director david petraeus's affair. >> the dpeens department is investigating general john allen, top u.s. commander in afghanistan for phone shallly inappropriate e mail was jo kelly. her complaint about e mails received triggered the investigation that uncovered the affair that led to the down fall. >> general allen denies wrong doing but allegations could cost him one of the most-prestigious jobs in the military. >> at the request of the secretary of defense the president has put on hold general allen's investigation pending the investigation by the department of defense, ig. >> investigators are sifting through documents many insofling
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exchanges and many house minority leader nancy pelosi received a briefing on this scandal. >> there are questions about timing just a tradition to notify congress before we see it on tv. >> if it involves national security, though. >> another development senator feinstein plans to urge petraeus to testify on the tack in benghazi, libya before the intelligence committee. petraeus is under no obligation. >> up heaveal at the pentagon not related to the petraeus scandal. an official says the former head of the africa command has been demoted. ward accused of spending thousands on lavish travel, and the demotion from a four star general would cost him $30,000 a year in benefits. >> time for a first check on the forecast.
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>> here is spencer christian. nice day. thin, high clouds around you can see here clearly. high clouds, sunny skies and very mild coast to inland. 64 degrees in half moon bay. it had been close to 70 earlier at half moon bay. we've got mid 0s in many locations. cool spot 62 degrees and we'll see high clouds this evening, clear skies, and cool conditions. in the early morning hours, high clouds it will be cool to chilly. readings upper 30s there. by afternoon tomorrow, mild from coast to inland low 70s on the coast. on the accu-weather forecast, it shows a little rain. >> spencer, thank you. still ahead at 4:00 welcome news for sears and -- skiers
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and snow borders. four resorts set to open this week. two up and running tomorrow. >> the man who accused elmo puppeteer of teen sex is now changing his story. >> and now, cars jammed up across the bay bridge. things looking better for cars heading south and beyond.
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the man who accused the puppeteer of sesame street's elmo after busing him is now changesing his story. at kuser says the relationship was both adult and consensual. he refused to say why he claimed it wasn't. sesame street issued a statement saying it's happy the unfortunate episode is over but did not say when clash will return from the leave of absence he took when this scandal erupted yesterday. >> zynga's cfo is leaving to join facebook. >> live from bloomberg west that w.that and more on the after the bell report. hi, john. >> a big shuffle over at zynga. the cfo is leaving to take a senior finance job at facebook.
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this mobile boss has david ko named chief operating officer. and so a lot of moves there. the management shuffle not the only one in the cycle today, over at microsoft the president of the windows division pushed out just weeks after windows 8 released. zwreechb zynopsi is leaving. sources say microsoft is worry about abilities to get along with others at the time when microsoft is counting on more cross product coordination. microsoft shares down more than 3% in trading sewed. research in motion ceo says he would be surprised if we did not see customers upgrade together new black berry 10
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operating system. he tells bloomberg government he expects 200,000 customers to splurge for bb 10 when it comes out next year. the u.s. government is one of the top customers but lately, some agencies have been switch together iphone. and cisco reported earnings after the bell, it's the biggest maker of networking equipment, sales up 6% and around $12 million, profit up more. 18% hovering around $2 million. as for broader market, more concerns over the fiscal cliff helping to send stocks lower, and your bloomberg silicon valley index declined on the day. intel, google leading that index lower, huge lines at video game store as cross the nation. call of duty black ops two went on sale today. we don't have hard sales numbers but know the previous games have set records and release comes just a day after microsoft halo 4 went on sail.
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it's been a record $220 kblinl in sales. in the first day, huge numbers. in san francisco, bloomberg west, back to you. >> all right. thank you, john. >> four more ski resorts set to open this week. we have pictures from heavenly mountain resort opening tomorrow with a limited number of runs. other resorts are scheduled to open this week include squaw valley and kirkwood opening friday. last week's storm brought more than a foot of new snow to resorts. they're padding their coverage with large scale snow making operations. >> starting to feel winter like out there. >> today was a bit of a warm up. >> milder weather today than yesterday. et is going to get windy by the end of the week. looking towards mount diablo,
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lots of blue skies and a pleasant day all day from the coast to inland locations. you can see live doppler 7 hd, clear skies there. thin, high clouds. mainly up into the north part of the viewing area have traveled to other regions as well. forecast features, clear skies and cool tonight. pleasantly cool. a warmer day tomorrow, rainy patterns developing by the end of the week continuing throughout the weekend. into early next week. tonight cool in most loks and it will be chilly in spots with lows dropping to 39 in napa. 38 fairfield. 41 livermore, chilly spots and cool weather overnight. here is what is setting up in the atmosphere, high pressure is still holding on. it's controlling feature but we have storms developing off shore. you can see high pressure going to hold on and strengthen for tomorrow, giving us sunny skies and
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quite mild as a matter of fact. after that, we'll see clouds thickening getting into wednesday night and thursday. high clouds thicken thursday, rain starts to develop overnight thursday night into very friday. during the period friday through monday, we can expect a generous dose of rainfall for much of the bay area, an inch and a half in the south bay. down near monterey bay, two, three, four inches so periods of rain from friday through monday. tomorrow looking at sunny skies and high temperatures into low 70s. peninsula, low 70s for the most part. 70 in pacifica. 72 half moon bai. mild in coastal spots and inland locations. 70 degrees in downtown san francisco. upper 60s, low 70s in the north bay. east bay, highs of 72 in
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oakland and fremont. highs tapering off to the western edge of the inland east bay to cooler readings in the eastern edge of the inland east bay. only 67 in brentwood. near monterey bay, mid-70s, how mild can you get in november? here is the accu-weather forecast. two more mild days coming our way, then we cool down friday. rain arriving friday, rainy throughout the weekend. periods of rain. into monday, showers tapering off on thus. -- tuesday. >> up next, the stars show up at the saga's final premier. just ahead actors talk about fans, and kristin stewart chats about growing up. >> and a panda cub at the zoo finally gets a name. 100 days after birth. >> taking a look at traffic on the bridge right now, moving smoothly in both directions on this tuesday.
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stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right after this. >> want to give you updates on the clean up taking place in daily city. this morning 45,000 gallons of water came gushing down a shild. this is after a pipe burs l. it's creating a huge community of mud. they're doing a terrific job with all of the crews out trying to clear up cars up to tail pipes in mud. we'll keep you posted here as clean up continues and more on the story of problems with aging pipes and insurance claims, later on on abc 7
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>> excitement for twilight final film breaking down has reached a fever pitch. >> i can barely contain myself. >> right. >> this movie opens in just day buzz last night was the big premier. >> and tony cabrerra was there. >> the premier of breaking down part two one of the biggest, ever. it's a final film in the franchise, which built a huge fan base. >> i'm still in shock.
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seeing how sweet everybody is this time it's not just excitement for the movie. >> this keeps us going. >> a lot changed since she walked the carpet. she was then 17, now, she's 22. >> this is a huge metaphor for growing up, i credit twilight with confidence that i have. >> breaking down part two hits theaters friday. now, the boy band, one direction is trying the big screen making a 3 d movie said to open labor day weekend. the band is up for a couple music awards. see if they win, sunday at 8:00 here on abc. >> san diego zoo giant baby panda has a name. the cub given a chinese name
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shou lee woo. officials had to narrow down 7,000 names to just a few finalists. so cute this, is video from the panda cam. the zoo is one of only four that keeps this endangered species this, is the sixth cub at the zoo. i can watch all day long. >> still ahead at 4:00 continuing coverage of the muddy mess of a water pipe breaks. >> also a broken water pipe flooded streets of the city. why the crews were able to fix it so quickly. >> also, starting today, drivers have a new cleaner alternative to filling up tanks. >> i'm michael finney. holiday shopping season is almost here.
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i'll take a look at the tech gadgets sure to be popular with your kids, this year. with your kids, this year. blach you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays
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and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! >> i got up at 5:00 in the morning like what is going on. like what going on?
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they're like you have to evacuate. >> yes. for sure this, was bad. the flood and mud could have been worse this morning after that pipe broke. >> more on how crews were able to get things under control. vick? >> well, first we've learned that the same reservoirs have been flooded 14 years ago. at that time there were filling reservoir with water. shut off valve didn't work. the water spilled over the tank down the hillside. and and 45 gallons of water. it was built 78 years ago in daily city. >> district tell meez it was a wpa project back in the day. and the massive tank has a
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capacity to store 900,000 gallons of water serving the southern and eastern portions of the city. it is both of pipe that runs down the pipe. >> this morning this section just sheared off. telling us that this is associated with the age of the pipe. >> the line broke about where the gully is about washed out on the side of the hill. it took about 10 minutes to ice yol yait the valve and stop the leak. they were able to do that quickly. crews just moved the valve up the hill to the reservoir last year. >> we recognize that 100 feet down the hill is where it was so with the tank drained we decided to move it closer. >> the move of the value made it easier, faster to shut water off today.
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and that serves original section of daily city. >> try to do the best you can to put systems in place like we did here. >> officials swril to decide whether to replace or repair that pipe. they're meeting with public works officials as we speak here at the water department headquarters then, to talk about what to do with the pipe. one thing they'd planned to do down the road before this happened is strengthen with liners. this leak may have expedited plans to do that. >> yes. it would seem so. this water department
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estimates the pipe broke around 4:to this morning. by 4:40, police and firefighters got that call and immediately contacted the water department. within 10 minutes they responded. the leak stopped. they used a system to do so. that pipe dumped 45 tho gallons of water. it's remarkable. crews started to pull out mud logged, water logged cars by 11:00 clean up progressed to allow residents to return home. >> amazing what can happen in just 40 minutes. >> congress pelosi introducing new house democrats this morning she said she will make a major announcement about whether she'll continue as minority leader tomorrow marks
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the 10th efrs of her role as top house democrat. this announcement scheduled for 7:00 a.m. our time, it appears the president has his choice to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state when she decides to step down. reports say suzanne rice will most certainly be the nominee. rice has been a part of the inner circle since the first presidential campaign. however, a fight could be at hand, some republicans are critical of her handling of the consulate attack in lib yachl the president is said to be ready to dig in his heels on this nomination. >> massachusetts senator john kerry may be head together president's cabinet. reports say kerry could be the next defense secretary replacing leon pin yetta. kerry is the chairman of the senate foreign real yaigsz committee. he has military back down as a vietnam veteran.
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>> bio diesel fuel now available if the bay area and nation. it's made possible by a partnership two of companies. we're live at one of those stations in san jose. >> this station is selling bio diesel at the pump this, is what it looked like. a cleaner burning fuel made from algae. it is fuel that is far from ordinary. it's a blended bio diesel. south san francisco based solar zyne says it's bio diesel produces 20% less carbon dioxide. propel offering this fuel at four locations in the bay area with more in the works.. >> we're showing what the
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future is going to look like. we hope others will bring cleaner fuels to the public. >> at $4:23 a gallon, it costs the same. the vice president of fuels. >> we do have one facility in the united states today producing demonstration scale quantities of the oi. we're building commercial plants. first we've announced is down in brazil weechl got others that we haven't yet announced. >> they see a broad market for the oil working with the airlines, and car makers on alternative fuels. the work with algae produced a line of high end creams. >> it can be used
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pro-to-produce jet fuel and fuel. so a range of fuels. >> propel and soleazne will be using this to get feed back from bon kon assumers but they will be getting a choice for the very first time in san jose, abc 7 news. >> david, thank you. still ahead at 4:00 major league baseball manager of the year and which manager was a winner. >> this new song is thanksgiving is one video trending on you tube. not everyone is giving thanks for the song. >> how about this view. looking at lots of blue skies looking towards east bay. i'll let you know how it will look tomorrow at this time in the accu-weather forecast. >> at 4:30 checking traffic on
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golden gate bridge. it's smooth sailing but all in all, not too terrib
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breaking news from major league baseball. bob melvin has been named american league of the year. and an improbable first place
4:40 pm
finish. the team was in one game of advancing to the league championship series and tigers first round of the play offs. washington nation jals took the honor, bruce bochi finished third this, is a regular season award. certainly bochy would have won. >> spencer christian is here now. >> with the accu-weather forecast. blue skies this afternoon. by way of time lapse, take a look at the sky. just awesome. thin clouds, this picture, showery and cool. nation mid section, sunny skies and dry. mild in the state of california tomorrow we'll see mild weather from top to bottom. 70s throughout the stay. 83 palm springs.
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81, los angeles. here in the bay area, milder day than today. highs higher than inland highs. highs 72 in half moon bay. into east bay, beyond oakland and fremont, antioch only 78. a stunningful beautiful day. as the week winds down, rainfall will wind up. we'll have wet weather coming our way. >> thank you. >> a tween giving back to all of us this thanksgiving. >> yes. with a turkey day song that has become a you tube sensation. more with the show what is trending. >> thank you. a look at today's hottest videos blowing up from you tube, first unclassic friday
4:42 pm
comes nicole west brooke >> thanksgiving has become a lightning rod for internet hits, racking up five million hits and 100,000 dislikes in the first week online. yikes. up next, bros from dude perfect take their basketball skills to the baseball diamond. >> they're aging and they not do anymore you tube action. here is watching tennis.
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internet seem to not get enough of cats that. will do it for the biggest you tube videos see you next time, bay area. >> coming up at 4:00 a new study on parkinson's. two factors scientists say can increase your risk. >> the new risks affecting women with migraines. >> i'm michael finney. a look at hottest tech toys for children coming up. >> coming up, stuck in the mud. the cars were buried after a water main break. the kind of insurance you need to be covered for damage. plus, a safe delivery thanks to the police department. we'll have the amazing tale behind his nam
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a new study suggests a link between one of the widely used herbicides and parkinson's disease. symptoms include tremors and
4:47 pm
logs of coordination. researchers say adull who's suffer head injuries and expose have an increased risk of developing parkinson's a cording to the study the trauma may leave brain cells more vulnerable tlchl is no definite cause for parkinson's disease but the study suggests that environmental factors may trigger cases.. >> women suffering from migraines may be at higher risk of having small brain lesions. researchers say the findings may be a chronic condition. there is no proof there is affect on brain function there. is a link between migraines and brain lesions was not evident in men. >> if lure looking at toy was a technology twist that might be a good bet. >> what is popular this season.
4:48 pm
>> a survey said people wanted bathits more than piece and love. >> there you go. consumer reports played the latest games to find terrific choices starting with this one. >> who doesn't love a good game of monopoly. you can use an ipad to keep track of cash or break out of jail. >> there is a trend of toys that interact with your phone. >> you down load the app free. 11 other tech toys were tested, too. >> there no other toy like this. kids play for hours you first down load so-to-add games to
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the cubes then shake, flip or tilt and play brainy games. try mattel's loop shifter game. players 7 and up use their best karate chop-like moves to repeat a pattern. there are tech toys for creative kids, too. artists can moist wands to draw picture was lights. >> this toy is magical but the motor is loud. kids build a speaker dock that works. your child will love being able to say "i made it myself".
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>> consumer reports is in the process of testing those and we'll get results i'll make sure to check back right away. >> thank you. >> as you know, tuesday is our elimination night on "dancing with the stars". >> who is going home? >> compared with diane. why yes. >> it featured a military theme. check out the quick step. they scored a perfect 30. >> she's so good. bruno said it made him want to join the navy. >> let's talk about your buddy giel. >> yes.
4:51 pm
dancing with the quick step to the song "danger zone". he's been slipping down the leader board. he needed to get a 30 and perfect boards. he said it made him want to join the air force. no. i did say geil took off and was fast and efficient. >> who is in trouble? >> cheryl burke is a favorite. lend says he puts the oo in smooth. his dances are degrees of difficulty so i'm saying it now. aloha means goodbye, emmitt. and i think kelly monaco. kirstie alley should be voted
4:52 pm
offer but america loves her. >> if you're popular, you stay on the show. >> up next a film spanned generations. we'll have a look at what it took to create the nufy as it celebrates 75 years. >> and a permanent reminder of a failed campaign on his face. what this guy is saying now about the logo honoring mitt romney.
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the film that created a an nation history is celebrating its 75th anniversary. >> an exhibition opens thursday at walt disney family museum. >> don sanchez has a preview. >> a classic, first feature
4:56 pm
length film ever made, pains takingly. >> hundreds were hired and they created a film that captivated audiences.. >> it's an icon named number one animated film. and get back in the 19 30s walt disney created it at great right after this tok his career. >> a gamble. he had to mortgage his house to continue to produce the film. >> his daughter remembers the time. >> you believe a film had an audience. it was an audience that would accept it. >> he was right. this ground breaking film seen by 20 million people in three months of release. now we have an opportunity tochl plor and study the create activity. many works have never been seen before. this used to be the gym. in 1939 it's an oscar.
4:57 pm
disney said he didn't make it for children, but adults for the child in every adult that. is why it lasted. >> it has everything. it's a perfect story. >> nobody could imagine the enterprise from the creative spark. >> exhibit is here until april. >> and the pro wreseleller says he has no regrets. >> romney supported a pledge for the space on the 30-year-old's face. he says he didn't mind because he was a romney man, and he's
4:58 pm
fooled with the kidding he gets. >> he says he's taking bids for his forehead. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> for rent. i'm larry beil. >> a sea of water leaving residents wading through mud. concern about whether the hillside will be an aftera launch of mud. >> i'm sandhya pat yes. enjoy weather while it lasts. a wet pattern is going stick around for a while i. have details coming up. >> meet the baby in a rush to enter the world getting help from oakland's finest. good evening, everybody, i'm cheryl jennings. >> that wall of mud stopped short of homes but tonight the hillside just is a mess. >> that is right.
4:59 pm
people woke up to a fast moving river of mud that did stop short of the home. the neighborhood dealing with a muddy mop up. >> what a mess it s we have live team coverage on the water main break that turns the water into a disaster. >> what is covered by insurance, let's begin with what went wrong. leanne? >> this is a picnic table. this shows you how much mud and debris came down that hillside. when you see, you can realize it could have been worse. water, mud and plenty of it. residents of the neighborhood knew something was not right. >> noise, noise. >> the police


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